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The HDAAO shall be composed of active, affiliate, honorary, retired, and contributing members. The following categories of individuals shall automatically be eligible for active membership:

  • graduates of the Harvard and Harvard-affiliated (Forsyth, Boston Children’s Hospital) postdoctoral programs in orthodontics,

  • dental graduates of the Harvard School of Dental Medicine who have completed a nationally accredited postdoctoral program in orthodontics elsewhere, and

  • current and former part-time and full-time faculty of the Harvard orthodontics department.


Such individuals shall be designated active members. Active members who have attained the age of sixty-five years and who have been active members in good standing for at least thirty years shall be designated Active Life Members.


The following categories of individuals are eligible for affiliate membership in the Society:

  • dentists enrolled in the postdoctoral training program in orthodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine,

  • any orthodontist who has studied full time in the Postdoctoral Orthodontics Program at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, but did not complete the Harvard dental or orthodontics programs, and

  • members of the staff of the Postdoctoral Orthodontics Program.


Affiliate members may attend meetings, but do not vote or hold office. Contributions may be solicited, however.

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